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IS526 Software Quality Management
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Prof. Dr. Onur Demirors,


Murat Salmanoğlu


Course Schedule

Informatics Insititute - S-04 - Wednesday  10:40-13:30

Recommended Texts
  • (Main) Weinberg, G. M., Quality Software Management, Volume 1, System Thinking, Dorset House, 1992
  • Humphrey, W., Managing the Software Process, Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, 1989




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Handouts and Assignments:

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Recommended Reading




Quality and Software Engineering
#1 Crosby Ch2
* Weinberg Ch1 & Ch2
* CHAOS Report - 1998

Quality and Software Engineering Cost of Quality

* Demirörs, O. , Yıldız, O, Güceğlioğlu, S, 'Using cost of software quality for a process improvement initiative'

* Weinberg Ch 3

* Radziwill - Cost of Quality (CoQ) metrics for telescope operations and project management

terns of Software Organizations
Software Patterns 
#2 Laporte, Berrhouma, Doucet, Palza-Vargas: Measuring the Cost of Software Quality of a Large Software Project at Bombardier Transportation: A Case Study

* Crosby Ch3 and

Weinberg Ch2

Patterns of Management
Control Patterns 



* Phillip G. Armour, 'The Five Orders of Ignorance'

Software Process Modeling

Software Process Modeling Part 1

Project #1 CoSQ

* Osterweil - Software Processes are Software Too

* Humphrey, Kellner, 'Software Process Modeling - Principles Of Entity Process Models'

* Soderstrom et al., 'Towards a Framework For Comparing Process Modelling Languages'

* Osterweil (Software Processes are Software Too, Revisited)

Software Process Modeling

Software Process Modeling Part 2

Process Modelling Exercise

#2 Modeling Paper Reading

ISO 15504

ISO 15504 Overview

ISO 15504 PAM

Project #2 Proposal

* SW-CMM Process Maturity Profile, 2003 Year End Update

* Bach, 'The Immaturity of CMM'

Introduction to CMMI
CMMi Intro 
Project #3 Modeling

Software Cost of Quality

SPI and Cultural Change

Software Measurement


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SEI's CMMI modelsCMMI Institute Capability Maturity Model ® Integration
Software Engineering Information Repository (by SEI)SEIR Software Engineering Information Repository
Software Process Improvement Region for EuropeSPIRE Software Process Improvement in Regions of Europe
NASA Software Engineering LaboratoryNASA-SEL NASA The Software Engineering Laboratory Database
Enterprise Software Institute (information services, consulting, training,...)ESI (Europe) European Software Institute
ISO 15504 (SPICE) linksSome ISO 15504 links:  

The Frameworks Quagmire, a Brief Look: This paper describes the categories of compliance frameworks and characteristics of seven important frameworks: the CMM, SE-CMM, IPD-CMM, ISO 9000, SDCE, MIL-STD-498, and Trillium. The paper also discusses trends and recommendations for how to deal with the Frameworks Quagmire.

  History and relationship of process standards/models: Software process improvement is often influenced by process related standards/models and thus, it is important that a "change agent" understands the history and relationships of these standards/models.
  SEI's hotlist on ISO 15504: The Software Engineering Institute (SEI) has created a hotlist of various information regarding ISO 15504 and the SPICE project.
ISO 15504 (SPICE) linksSoftware Cost of Quality: A Business Case for Software Process Improvement Revised - DACS Report, 1999
ISO 15504 (SPICE) linksPapers: Three Process Perspectives: Organizations, Teams, and People. WATTS S. HUMPHREY.

Are CMM Program Investments Beneficial? Analyzing Past Studies - Galin and Avrahami



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