SM502 Software Management


Prof. Dr. Onur Demirors,, Inf.Ins. Room 411


Murat Salmanoğlu ,, Inf.Ins. Room 122


Course Schedule
Room: S-05 Class time:Thursday, 16:40-19:30
Recommended Texts
  • Project Management Body of Knowledge, PMI, 2000
  • Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Flow: The Physchology of Optimal Experience
  • Peter M. Senge, The Fifth Discipline: The Art & Practice of the Learning Organization

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Topic Handout Assignments Recommended Reading






Project Management Context 

Standish Group Chaos Report: A Recipe for Success

Eveleens,  Verhoef - The Rise and Fall of Chaos Report Figures


Project Management Processes 

Project 1 - Prepare project charter
2004- Jones - Software Project Management Practices-Failure vs Success

Project Integration Management

Project Integration Management

2002-Evans, Abela, Beltz - Seven Characteristics of Dysfunctional Software Projects

2001-McConnell - The Nine Deadly Sins of Project Planning



Mapping SPMP to PMBOK 1988 - Randolph, Posner - What Every Manager Needs to Know About Prj Man

Project Scope Management

Project Scope Management

Project 2 - Prepare WBS

2004 - Jeffery Leliveld - Best Practices in IT Portfolio Management

Software Measurement

Software Measurement


Size Estimation

Measurement theory

Ozkan, Demirörs,- On the Seven Misconceptions about Functional Size Measurement

COSMIC size measurement
Gencel, Demirörs, "Functional Size Measurement Revisited"

Demirors, O. & Gencel, C. "Conceptual association of functional size measurement methods."

2014 - Ungan, Cizmeli, Demirörs - Comparison of Functional Size Based Estimation and Story Points, Based on Effort Estimation Effectiveness in SCRUM Projects

2012 - Özkan, Demirörs - Seven Misconceptions about Functional Size Measurement

Dikici, P., Demirors, O. & Gencel, C (2011). Mapping Concepts of Functional Size Measurement Methods

Project Time Management

Project Time Management Project 3 - Measure project functional size Tunalilar, S. & Demirors, O. "An Exploration of Functional Size based effort Estimation Models"

Project Cost Management

Project Cost Management Project 4 - Estimate project effort

Project Quality Management

Project Quality Management Project 5 - Prepare SPMP document - Tarhan, A. & Demirors, O. "Investigating the Effect of Variations in Test Development Process: A Case from a Safety-Critical System"

Project Human Resource Management

  Demarco, Lister - Peopleware - Garousi V., Coşkunçay A., Demirörs O., Yazici A., "Cross-factor analysis of software engineering practices versus practitioner demographics: An exploratory study in Turkey"

Project Communications Management


Project Risk Management


Project Procurement Management



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