SM 504 Team Software Project (Spring 2017)
Instructor:  Prof. Dr. Onur Demirors Assistant:  Ozge Gurbuz

This course aims to give students professional experience in information systems development. Students form development teams and work on the software requirements specification, software project management, software design description and implementation phases of the projects.

Each team work on all phases of the same project and produce work products. Quality teams review those products. Then a review meeting is held between the Development team and Quality team.

Project topics may be selected from diverse application areas such as engineering, business management, provided that the project plan is realistic and the estimated duration fits a semester.


  • First meeting is on February 22rd.
  • All classes will start at 16:40


Room: S05 

Class hours: Wednesday 16:40 - 19:30  

Grading Policy:

Charter %3
SRS %11
SRS Review %4
SPMP %11
SPMP Review %4
SDD %11
SDD Review %4
Peer assessment %11
Final %30
Demo %11

Standards and Documents:

  • IEEE Std 830-1998, IEEE Recommended Practice for Software Requirements Specifications Download
  • ISO/IEC/IEEE Std 16326-2009, ISO/IEC/IEEE International Standard Systems and Software Engineering--Life Cycle Processes--Project Management Download
  • IEEE Std 1016-2009, IEEE Recommended Practice for Software Design Descriptions Download
  • Review template Download
  • Project Charter template Download
  • Progress Report template Download

Contact Information:

Prof. Dr. Onur Demirors  


Office: A-210                      


Ozge Gurbuz


Office: B-117

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