SM 511 Software Process Improvement
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Prof. Dr. Onur Demirors,


Murat Salmanoğlu


Course Schedule

Informatics Insititute - S-04 - Wednesday 17:00-20:00



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Handouts and Assignments:

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Recommended Reading



Quality and Software Engineering
- Quality is Free, Crosby, Chapter 2 - Özkan B., Albayrak O., Demirors O., "Software Quality and Model-Based Process Improvement"
Quality and Software Engineering Cost of Quality - Measuring the Cost of Software Quality of a Large Software Project at Bombardier Transportation: A Case Study - Demirörs, O. , Yıldız, O, Güceğlioğlu, S, 'Using cost of software quality for a process improvement initiative'
Patterns of Software Organizations
Software Patterns 
- Project Step 1: Cost of Software Quality (CoSQ) calculation in a real organization - Demirors O., Coskuncay A., "Software Development in Turkey, IT Professional"

- Garousi V., Coşkunçay A.,Betin-Can A., Demirors O., "A survey of software engineering practices in Turkey"
Patterns of Management
Control Patterns 
- Software processes are software too, L. Osterweil - Tarhan, A. & Demirors, O. "Apply Qauntitative Management Now"
Software Process Modeling

Software Process Modeling Part 1

- Project Step 2: Process Modeling

- Are CMM Program Investments Beneficial? Analyzing Past Studies, Galin, Avrahami
- Kilic, O., Say, B. & Demirors, O, "An Experimental Study on the Cognitive Characteristics of Modeling Notations"

- Karagoz, N. A. & Demirors, O, "Conceptual Modeling Notations and Techniques"
Software Process Modeling Software Process Modeling Part 2

Process Modelling Exercise
- Project Step 3: Process assestment report
- Aysolmaz B., Demirors O., "Unified Process Modeling with UPROM Tool"

- Turetken, O. Demirors O., "Plural: A Decentralized Business Process Modeling Method"
ISO 15504 ISO 15504 Overview

ISO 15504 PAM
- A Reference Model for Software Agility Assessment: AgilityMod, Top, Demirörs
- Gökalp E, Demirörs O., "Model Based Process Assessment for Public Financial and Physical Resource Management Processes"
Introduction to CMMI
CMMI Intro  - Good Communication That Blocks Learning, Argyris

- The New Society of Organizations, Drucker
-  Usgarcı A, Demirors O., "Do Staged Maturity Models Result in Organization-Wide Continuous Process Improvement?"
Software Cost of Quality   - Project Step 4: Process Improvement Plan
- Tanrıöver O., Demirors O., "A process capability based assessment model for software workforce in emergent software organizations"
SPI and Cultural Change

- Yildiz O., Demirors O., "Measuring healthcare process quality: Applications in public hospitals in Turkey"

- Guceglioglu, S. & Demirors, O. "PQMM: A New Model to Measure Business Process Quality"
Software Measurement

- Demirors, O. & Ozkan, B. "Formalization Studies in Functional Size Measurement"



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